Quake 2 Total Conversion: Juggernaut - The New Story For Quake 2 Canopy Games/Head Games 1998

As a colonist on Europa, one of the Jovan moons you must fight to prevent the monstrous mutations from Callisto (another of Jupiter's moons) from destroying all human life on Europa. Juggernaut offers 11 new singleplayer and 3 new multiplayer levels. It has new opponents, new weapons (2) and new textures. There are more and bigger game segments which occur outside, as in the original game. In general, the levels are big and are eventful.
Full Demo 27MB ( @ ftp.kraft-s.ru - use download manager)
Quake II: Ultimate Edition (includes Q2, Juggernaut, Ground Zero, Reckoning, Zaero, and Tournament) ~321MB (uploaded by 3Spot)
ISO Demo 459MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)NOTE: Includes Quake 2.
Free Full Game with 21 SP & 4 Deathmatch Maps 122MB (uploaded by Mark Shan)
included in Quake 2000 - Russian Bootleg ISO Demo (Quake v1.09, Quake: Shrak v2.0, Quake II v3.20, Quake II: Juggernaut, Quake II Mission Pack: The Reckoning, Quake II:Zaero, Quake II Mission Pack: Ground Zero, Quake III: Arena) 687MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 31MB (uploaded by GigaWatt)
included in Quake 4 Special Edition - Fan-Edited 2DVD ISO Demo 3.04+1.69GB (uploaded by hgdagon)
ISO Demo 133MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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