Steel Beasts eSim Games / Shrapnel Games, Inc. 2000

Steel Beasts is more than just another modern tank simulation where you fight in Kuwait, Europe, and Korea and other locales. This design effort accurately models real-world conditions and tactics in a way that doesn't overwhelm the novice with a zillion key combinations and an over-the-top interface. Beyond the realism and gameplay, this tank sim includes the following added improvements: Real-world tank tactics and the means to use them, M1 and Leopard 2A4 tanks, integrated mission and map editors, accurate modeling of M1 and Leopard gunnery and the interplay that takes place between the crew members of a tank, a terrain rendering engine that enables players to read the lay of the land, superior AI that frees the player from micromanaging his units, sophisticated algorithms that enable real-world tactics to apply, and a powerful 2D map with line-of-sight display that allows meaningful prebattle planning. Friendly forces not under the player's control can now be part of the battle. There's sophisticated damage modeling, including loss of communications, and modeled infantry. Al Delaney spent 2 years coding Steel Beasts by himself, then through connections had it tested by real-life tankers who were so impressed with it that Shrapnel Games took notice and bought his game. West Point's Department of Military Instruction Warfighting Center ordered over 1000 copies of Steel Beasts for training purposes.

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ISO Demo ~188MB (uploaded by Egon68)
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