Saboteur Rene Soft 1996

This game from a Romanian developer is based on the classic side-scroller series of the same name which had you go on stealth missions. It uses some sprites and sounds from other games such as Mortal Kombat, BlackThorne, DOOM, and Bio Menace. A saboteur paratrooper lands on an enemy base under cover of night (although the cutscene is clearly day), outwardly representing a cross between one of the heroes of Mortal Kombat and the original Saboteur. Falling from the top to the grass, because of this, a lot of health is lost, and some hefty inhuman creature is walking nearby - but the very first computer in the building on the right reveals that the mission is somehow connected with a certain old man. This is probably the villain who owns the base! So we have to run around it in the form of a tireless ninja, open doors, beat enemies and throw all sorts of blunt-piercing-cutting objects. And so - right down to the main computer. There is a run to the helicopter in the final (just for a successful departure, do not forget to sabotage the radar). The whole map, as usual, is one large level, divided into many rooms, interconnected by corridors, stairs, pipes and holes. Sometimes, however, you need to jump down and hope for the best. Do not expect hundreds of rooms, as in the above-mentioned ideological mastermind - the scale is more modest here. Health here regenerates itself if the character is stationary, and there is no time limit, with the exception of the aforementioned stage with a run to the helipad. Thanks to these features, you can replenish vitality without any problems. Behind some of the boxes are scattered weapons (knives, daggers, wrenches, sais, throwing stars and other equally dangerous items) that can be thrown at the enemy. And if an ordinary person gets knocked down with one hit, then thick-skinned mutant monsters, as a rule, it does no harm, so you have to beat them with your hands and feet. Along with the borrowed sprites and animations came unexpectedly large amounts of blood. If desired, all hostile can be beaten to death and so - but in some places it is easier to escape, since the opponents do not know how to move from screen to screen. In the options of the main menu, there are several pleasing to the eye and heart of possibilities: firstly, changing the appearance of the main character (just be careful, some skins are barely visible on a black background), and secondly, choosing the number of Continues, which by default give three pieces (maximum - five). Their nice feature in most cases is that after "death" we continue to play in absolutely the same place, the enemy's health is not replenished. Sometimes, however, it can play a cruel joke. For example, it is extremely difficult to get out of some of the disastrous rooms (be it water slowly killing the protagonist, or a battle with an invincible enemy, whose immortality no one warned us about). Be wary of the blue flame from the pipes, which looks more like part of the background than something else. The thicker the enemy sprite, the larger his hitbox and the easier it is to fight with him. With "thin" enemies like people, you have to hit not in the center of the body, but slightly to the side, so that the blows somehow pass.

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