Unreal: Fusion Map Pack Epic Games 1999

This was an official free playable bonus pack by Epic Games, consisting of 6 new deathmatch maps playable with bots or human opponents. The purpose of this map pack was to add as either an upgrade or replacement to the batch of maps that were being run on Unreal servers. It was Epic's way of saying "Thanks" to the Unreal Community for sticking with them. DM-cybrosis- well built Skaarj base deathmatch with a nice flow and neato jumping pads by Alan Willard. DM-twilight- Skycity run and gun with lots of traps by Jeremy War. DM-mojo- Sequel to CURSE, tight and fast DM by . DM-letting- BLOOD LETTING by Myscha, one of Cliffy B's all time favourites with nowhere to hide and the layout reminds somewhat of Morbias, an all-time classic. DM-shrapnel- Extremely tight industrial DM by Cliff Bleszinski, his favourite of his own DM maps. DM-loxi- Previously released "free" DM map whipped up by Cliff Bleszinski for your fragging pleasure.
Free Download 2.7MB (uploaded by Unreal Archive)

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