Unreal: Official Strategy Guide GW Press Addons Epic Megagames / GW Press 1998

This Official Strategy Guide book written by Craig Wessel featured: Game-busting tips and strategies on how to defeat the Skaarj; Custom 3D maps cover every square inch of the Skaarj territory; Extensive multiplayer deathmatch coverage; Detailed profiles of the merciless enemy creatures; Comprehensive descriptions of all weapons and secrets; An expert introduction to UnrealEd, the revolutionary Unreal level editor. It also contained an Unreal soundtrack cd and had an offer of a "FREE Download Exclusive Add-On Levels with the Purchase of this Book. Check www.gwpress.com". You entered a password of 31m52s in order to download 3 levels - DMLocke.unr ( a wooden Nalitown building interior, a central area with 2 side extensions with water passages under parts of the level), DMVilla2.unr (boat docks leading to a wooden building with something of a simple shrine) these both by Myscha the Sled Dog, and DMScruular.unr by Allan Willard (a spaceship level looking a bit like a SkaarjShip).
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Fan-Made Division Bonus Pack v2 (includes GW Press Addons & Unreal: Special Edition 3dfx maps) 4MB (uploaded by Unreal Archive)

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